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Tuesday, February 25th, 2003
1:16 pm
I really need to move onto campus and get more motivated. This is the second class Ive skipped so far this week.. Im fucking stressing out and its horrible. All my friends on campus do work till5 am and roll out of bed at 9 and walk to class. Me I have no one around me doing it.. just a nice soft bed and a computer. So I do work till 10, go on the computer and then go to sleep. I never accomplish anything because I have so many things that I could be doing otherwise. If I had kids around me doing the same work as me like they do Id be able to finesh work on time etc. Its not like I dont do my work, but doing it so quickly and carelessly flips me out.

Those are just excuses though. I really need to start doing work at school, in the studio. I hate staying late at school though.. ugh for me I just always have a fucking reason not to do things.

Wellllllllim going togo
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Monday, February 24th, 2003
11:51 pm - Yall know I can't stand Good Charolette
But they made a song.. JUST FOR ME!!!!! [I changed the lyrics where needed]

She's got tattoos and piercings
She likes Esthero [Minor Threat], she likes MC Posi-D[Social Distortion]
My girl's a hot girl
A hood rat who needs an attitude adjustment

Christina wouldn't wanna meet her
She wants to fuck [hates] you Britney so you better run for cover
My girl's a hot girl
A riot girl and she's angry at the world

Emergency call 911,
She's pissed off at everyone
Police, Rescue, FBI she wants a riot, she wants a riot

And everywhere we go she gets us thrown out constantly
But that's OK 'cause I know, I know
I know my baby would do anything for me, yeah

Christina wouldn't wanna meet her
She wants sex with [hates] you Britney so you better run for cover
My girl's a hot girl
A riot girl and she's angry at the world

Emergency call 911,
She's pissed off at everyone
Police, Rescue, FBI she wants a riot
She wants a riot, she wants a riot

Don't you know that all I really want is you?
Gotta know that all I really want it you

Emergency call 911,
She's pissed off at everyone
Police, Rescue, FBI she wants a riot, she wants a riot

Emergency call 911,
She's pissed off at everyone
Police, Rescue, FBI she wants a riot, she wants a riot

Im loved 0=)
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8:08 pm
OUCH! I just found out I can listen to Direct Drive Archives at NYC Jungle

I feel pretty damn special, yo.
2:27 pm
I have a set phone interview with Camp Shane on Wednesday at 10:15! I really hope I get this job... it will do wonders for me.

But I know everyone is going to miss me those 2 months I'm gone 0=D Hehe.
Im going to get soo homesick but I really need to do this for myself and hopefully it will help others.
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Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
9:15 pm
I really want to hit up Konkrete Jungle so I figured Im definitely going on March 10th since I don't have class that week. Foreal even if no one comes with me I'm going.. I really want to go there like crazy.
Hopefully IDs are still going to be pretty leaniant [cant.. spell...] at Direct Drive's new location... I hopppppee. Seriously I have a new found love for dnb.

I have this damn paper to write but I really don't feel like writing it.. I feel like eating nonfat whipped cream and fruit and smoking menthol cigarettes. Fawking Soraya gave me a free pack of menthols and now I can't stop smoking those. Darn addicts.
I really do.. kinda, want to quit.. but it has become really difficult.

Im starting to lose weight on the scale but I dont really see it in real life. I get excited for the weekdays only cause I don't eat much then and I know poundage will be coming off.

IM GOING TO PITTSBURGH on Thursday! For this NGLA conference.. which is all NE sororities/fraternities thing and it should be fun. Hella parties. Theres a club called Pressure I want to hit up on that Friday that spins really good music but I duna if my girl Nicole is into that.. Im going to have to discuss it with her.

10:09 am
Hi my name is Christina. I have work for 3D and I also have a 30 dollar gift certificate to Roosevelt Field Mall.

I have to be in BK by 4.

I should do my work before I go to BK.

But I want to go shopping really bad.

Gift Certificate... work... Gift Certificate.. work...
Which one is more wanted.. which is more needed...?

Saturday, February 22nd, 2003
12:38 pm
I feel bad that no one ever goes to visit my Grandma, [my father's mother]. It has a lot to do with the denial though that a lot of us have.. she is losing her mind, never remembers who I am whenever I go. My dad just sits there and nervously laughs while she gabbers on or complains or speaks in Ukrainian when my dad is the only one who barely speaks it.

I know I should go to visit... I don't have an excuse.. well I do have one upon the other.. work, philantropy today, sleep, etc., etc., but family should always come first.

So I don't really have an excuse whatsoever.
Wednesday, February 19th, 2003
7:39 pm
all you need is llooOOOOOOOooooveee OoooooooooOOOOOOOO

everydayyy,, everyday

pick me up love! lift me up love! eva-ree-dayyyyyyy 0=)

im happy 0=) i wana go shopping thou 0=T lol 0;D

i got a new bag and a cute shirt today 0=)


someone take me shopping to patricia field's venus hotel, miss sixty, and flying A on spring street? i promise ill be really nice........
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7:47 am
Haven updated pix in diz piece for a while, so I decided to do so...

Let the pictures begin..Collapse )
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Sunday, February 16th, 2003
4:06 am
conclusions for tonite::::

- Im happy that instead of Baktun closing, it is just relocating. It tis very fun there yes.

-MCs have an attraction towards me for some apparent reason.

-Moby look a like is still stalking me.


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Saturday, February 15th, 2003
6:11 pm
If there was one thing I learned on Valentine's day this year, it was that highheels and Christina dont mix. My feet look like theyve been put thru a meat grinder. Eww.. okay maybe not but they look cut up. Im never wearing them again.. I need some fucking vicodin to kill the pain. Whose got the hookup?

Anyway. Yeh I dont have much to say, so Im going to get going.
Friday, February 14th, 2003
5:32 pm
Yall think Im some dumb shallow shopaholic bitch, so I decided to take out this time to discuss my views on politics and this ridiculous fucking war that is probably going to happen.

This war on Iraq is bullshit. Not only does this opinion of mine spring from the fact that I think media and news is complete yellow journalism filled crap, but also because I can't even understand why we would go to war with them in the first place.

Bush is just trying to think up ideas as why we should bomb them. His daddy probably told him to do it.

One really logical [haha yeh RIGHT] reason is cause they have nuclear weapons. Uh oh. wait, hold on.. let me think. WE HAVE NUCLEAR BOMBS AS WELL! So why isnt every country attacking us right now?

We want to be the big man on campus [haha 0=)]. We want to have the bigger penis.

God damn men. If women were running this country none of this "my genitals are bigger than thous" would be going on.

I love this country and I love New York.. but not because of who runs the gov't but because of the laws and freedom that we have, and of course because the civilians who live here.
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6:59 am
I felt I was obligated to say what I did yesterday [and bought... wepah!!!]

Mike took me to Carmine's on 44th and then to see Mamma Mia! OMG You know I wanted to get up and dance to all the songs.. but instead I sat quietly and like a good girl. 0;D. The end was amazing, these lights came down from the ceiling on the stage and the floor lit up like a discotheque. I was getting sentimental of something I've never attended. Mmmm.. disco 0;D.

Anyway! Soooooo one vit zee shoppang!
I got the cutest friggn red top that Im wearing to class today for Valentine's day. Its a one shoulder and then one tanktop strap number and it has this funky seam going down the middle sorta. I also got this super soft burgundy long sleeved scrunched seamed top. Off the shoulder but of course. And I got this silky grey tank top. And I got these really cute adidas knock-offs at Parade of Shoes.. that store rocks. I dont care if they aren't legit. Mine are red and white and super cute. I also gotta MammaMia! shirt, and DJ Dara's Future Perfect cd. And I got some Victoria's Secret mints and a white bra that actually fits [Im at an all-time low of bra sizes.. wow I feel like Im a little kid again. Imagine I lose another 40 pds like I want? Darn]

So I came to the conclusion as to why my ass is staying fat or gaining weight.. I DRINK TOO MUCH! Omg, a fucking Long Island Iced Tea has 560 calories in it. 5 fucking hundred fucking 60 fucking calories. Noooooooo!
I made up rules and regulations for drinking now. After my birthday weekend 0;D, I can only have 4 drinks a night. 4 if none are LI Iced Teas. If I have a LI Iced Tea then the rest cant be them.

Im getting a beer belly dammit! And I needa start doing cardio.. I feel like an old lady.. 0;D Well Ima go to class mwa
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6:46 am

I hope everyone gets some booty tonite.. enjoy 0;D
Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
11:58 pm
boredCollapse )
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11:12 pm
Im going to have to learn that sometimes you cant completely speak the truth about how you feel to everyone.

I think being with Mike for so long made me think everyone can handle the truth, when in actually really no one can. I could tell him anything, and he might now be able to take it but he'd understand and not run away.

Now if I told people the truth about some ways I feel theyd go a'running. Which really sucks, but I guess life is like that sometimes, right?

I wish people could take the truth all the time. Although I cant myself, so thats kind of against my own word.

I need a book.. I am going to barnes & nobles tomorrow.
the end
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1:02 am
I strive to always speak the truth..

thats why I am going to stop saying "Im sorry" too much. I feel that term is thrown around a lot.


"Im sorry I dont do that when I first meet a person"
"Im sorry you're too ugly and skanky for me to touch you"


"Im sorry for saying that in such a mean way"
"Im sorry Im such a bitch, its my nature"


"Im sorry Im just too good for you"

Instead I will say:

I dont do that. Period. or I didnt mean to say that, no apologies. or Youre just not my type. Ugly skank ho boy man woman girl.

Yeh thats about right.

I hope this bday and vday are good.. Im in the need for some good luvin aka presents aka luvin aka sex. Mhm. 0=)
12:34 am
Yes it does get rather lonely sometimes.
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Monday, February 10th, 2003
8:14 am
Sometimes I think my nostrils are these black holes into never-ending space and that is why there is an everflowing amount of crap coming out of them.
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12:31 am - i wus bored, jo!
Five details about you...
[x] im tall
[x] i have an art history quiz tomorrow that i have barely studied for
[x] i also have a paper due tomorrow that i havent fineshed quite yet
[x] im tired
[x] and as usual im in the mood for llooove 0=)
Five details about your appearance right now...
[x] im wearing oreo flannel pjs
[x] my nose is stuffed
[x] i have knee high socks on
[x] my makeup is still on.. shimmery light white shadow and deep burgundy liner
[x] i look tired
Five things you did today
[x] worked on my eng paper
[x] celebrated an early bday with my aunt, gma and fam.
[x] had dinner and drinks with Mikey
[x] took a very nice shower
[x] took the train home from Javi's this morning.
Five memorable things you did in the last year...2002
[x] moved to bk
[x] moved out of bk to LI
[x] started at Pratt
[x] lost a full 100 pounds
[x] got my first tattoo.
Five things that everyone should know about you..
[x] I seem very social but Im actually really independent and like to be alone a lot.
[x] I hate the feeling of wet hair on my hands.
[x] I prejudge people but when I dont like a person I usually end up correct with my reasons why.
[x] Im shallow and stubborn.. not to mention spoiled.
[x] Im opinionated. And I hate when people try to fight against my opinions.
Five favorite groups... currently:
[x] Black Eyed Peas
[x] Tribe Called Quest
[x) EZ Rollers
[x] Zero7
[x] Groove Armada
Five favorite musical artists...
[x] DJ Dara
[x] Esthero
[x] Common
[x] Pharrell
[x] Bob Sinclair
Five favorite songs...
(of the month)
[x] BEP- Joints and Jams
[x] BEP- Empire Strikes Black
[x] Esthero- Song For Holly
[x] Zero7-The End Theme
[x] Radiohead/Sneaker Pimps - Climbing Up the Walls (Zero7 remix)
Five favorite movies...
[x] Amelie
[x] The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
[x] Happenstance
[x] Saturday Night Fever
[x] Super Troopers
Five things that make you happy...
[x] clothing
[x] comfortable beds
[x] good conversations
[x] good sex (dont lie..)
[x] People who care for me
Five people who mean a lot to you...
[x] If a person is or was my friend I always care a lot for them
five things that disgust you
[x] burping and farting
[x] dead cow on bread
[x] bad breath
[x] weed
[x] Pee on toilet seats
Five things that impress you...
[x] ambition
[x] self confidence
[x] nice skin
[x] ability to walk in high heels for long periods of time
[x] drive
Five things that don't impress you...
[x] most paintings.
[x] yuppies
[x] celebrities
[x] Chippendales strippers
[x] amount of drug use a person does.
Five things you cant live without...
[x] art
[x] friends
[x] courage/strength from others
[x] sex
[x] mental stimulation and growth
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